Fund   Emerging Markets Fund III
Fund Strategy   Emerging Markets / Impact
Challenge & Approach  
  • Reaching a New Audience   This fund management firm had already established a following in the impact investment community and now, as it was about to launch its latest offering, wanted to expand its reach to a more general investor audience.  Therefore, we sought to strike the right balance between the new fund’s impact dimension and its opportunity for pure investment reward.
  • Concretely Making the Case   The fund manager’s former presentations were built on a succession of pages featuring discrete topics.  We replaced this static approach with a more linear narrative.  We made the case for the investment thesis by highlighting the size and scope of the market (South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa) as well as the market’s key growth catalyst—information and communications technology.  And, we heightened the tangibility of the opportunity by featuring examples of previous successes.
  • Speaking through Pictures   We were concerned that US investors were not generally aware of the major social, commercial and economic advances occurring in the emerging markets, so we communicated these dynamics with numerous photographs.  To help reinforce the firm’s branding, we tied the color palette to that of their website and previous presentations.