Fund   Next Door Partners, LP
Fund Strategy   Fundamental/Technical Fusion
Challenge & Approach
  • Starting from Square One   While this fund manager already had years of asset management experience, had won awards for his managerial accomplishments, and was a well-regarded industry commentator, this was his first investment offering to outside investors.  So we had to build his marketing pretty much from the ground up—first, by developing a strong marketing story, and then by creating a pitch book and brief website to communicate it.
  • Positioning the Strategy   To help position the manager, we first made the case that—contrary to common thought—fundamental and technical analyses are complementary and synergistic to one another rather than antithetical.  And we demonstrated how they can work in concert to produce superior real-world results.
  • Educating the Audience (Subtly!)   We felt that many of the manager’s target prospects would not be familiar with technical analysis, so we included a brief, informative view of some key technical indicators—just enough to make an uninitiated prospect comfortable with the concept without insulting the intelligence of more experienced investors.
  • Conveying Thought Leadership   We also quoted the manager several times to achieve a tone that would convey his status as an industry thought leader.