Fund Private Equity Fund II
Fund Strategy Private Equity-focused on lower middle-market companies
Challenge & Approach
  • Breaking Away from a Static Narrative   The firm’s existing pitch book presented a somewhat random succession of generically titled pages (such as “About the Firm,” “The Firm’s Difference,” “The Investment Philosophy,” etc.), each filled with collections of positive, but seemingly disconnected sound-byte bullets. The book simply did not connect any dots for readers or seem to tell any kind of a clear, compelling story.
  • Making the Story Distinct and Memorable   We built the key pages of the story on a dynamic 5-step description of the investment strategy:  1) Source Strategically, 2) Buy Right, 3) Structure Optimally, 4) Improve Operations, and 5) Monetize.  In our (and the client’s) opinion, this approach clearly demonstrated what the fund was all about in a positive, memorable way even when the pitch book would be read divorced from any live presentation.
  • Following Through   To drive home the story, we organized each specific investment case study around the 5-step strategy.
  • Building an Ongoing Relationship   Based on the results of this project, we have been repeatedly re-engaged to work on the client’s other lines of business as well as an expanded array of marketing materials.