Fund  Investment Partners II
Fund Strategy  Investing in private funds and partnerships specializing in real estate, consumer debt, mezzanine lending and other alternative assets
Challenge & Approach
  • Engaging Investors   In the early pages of the presentation we developed, we made sure to emphasize what type of investor would find the fund attractive and the key reasons why they should consider investing.  It’s surprising how many fund managers give short shrift to this important aspect of their marketing story.
  • Optimizing Terminology   To help clarify and distinguish the strategy (and alleviate confusion), we worked with the manager to reconsider and refine certain key descriptive terms.
  • Using Diagrams and Photos for Clarity and Tangibility   We created diagrams to more effectively communicate certain important elements of the offering such as its quasi-fund-of-funds investment structure and the two distinct phases of the fund’s investment timeline.  We used photographs to bring a higher level of tangibility to the various types of underlying assets that the fund intends to pursue.
  • Featuring the Manager’s Preceding Fund   Because this fund was not yet launched, we incorporated information about the manager’s similar and successful predecessor fund in order to bring the new offering to life and reinforce the manager’s credibility.
  • Following Through   During the course of creating the pitch book and executive summary, we formed a consultative relationship with the Fund Manager.  As a result, we have continued to advise this client on marketing strategy and have been retained to develop various reports, additional marketing pieces and a cost-effective website.