We bring together insightful market intelligence and creative media solutions…

Branding  Positioning, naming and packaging products and services to achieve differentiation

Corporate Identity  Creating nomenclature, logos, icons, stationery, graphic design templates, signage and corporate standards

Marketing Strategy  Developing and guiding strategies to maximize channel and market penetration

Pitch Books, Brochures and other Print Communications  Writing and designing brochures, pitch books, fact sheets, as well as training manuals, reference guides and other printed materials

Print and Online Advertising  Creating and executing attention-getting advertising, direct mail campaigns and promotions

Websites  Integrating content, architecture and design to create a dynamic web presence

Presentations and Seminars  Combining content, visual animation and video to create one-on-one sales meetings, public seminars and major keynote addresses

Web-based Sales Tools  Developing functionality, design, content and business logic for business-building software

Social Media  Consulting with our clients on using social media sensibly to enhance image and reach

IQ Financial Marketing Corp

New York, NY