Over the decades, we’ve been instrumental in launching a variety of seminal firms, products and services

AXA Equitable Accumulator    We clarified and branded this first-ever VA “guaranteed minimum income benefit” and built a living benefit calculator to demonstrate the impact of this new type of guarantee to advisors and investors.


TRAK®    In developing the marketing strategy, we prevailed upon Shearson Lehman Brothers to position it as a “personalized investment advisory service” rather than as an investment product.  Furthermore, we created the name TRAK and developed an advice-centric selling system based on a three-part client-oriented process that helped make this the perennial number-one wrap fee program.


Instinet    We redirected Instinet’s marketing communications to overcome the “technology vendor” image it was inadvertently projecting.  We clarified and solidified its brand identity as a major “worldwide agency brokerage firm.”


Phoenix Investment Partners    We were engaged as consultants to deal with the confusion in the marketplace that resulted when the entity named Phoenix Duff & Phelps was formed through the acquisition and hiring of a number of quality money management firms.  We renamed the firm “Phoenix Investment Partners,” repositioned it as a “new model of asset management,” developed a unified sub-branding for its disparate money management entities, and executed the marketing materials to implement the firm’s makeover.  We successfully raised the visibility and market appeal of the firm’s mutual funds and managed accounts in the retail space.


MetLife Investors    First, we helped launch a new MetLife entity dedicated to non-proprietary distribution.  Then, we positioned, named and packaged the launch of a complete line of variable products, which included the first VAs to incorporate a core/satellite structure, with investment funds selected by Morningstar.


Allmerica    We encouraged Allmerica to stick to its guns in launching the first retail variable annuity with institutional-level asset managers rather than household-name mutual fund providers.  We developed the investor package for the launch of this rather innovative and successful variable annuity.  Over time, we were engaged for launches of subsequent VAs, the rollout of their variable life product, and the introduction of the Allmerica CPA Marketing Program.

IQ Financial Marketing Corp

New York, NY