Small to Mid-Size US Companies

Breaking Away from a Static Narrative  

The firm’s existing pitch book presented a somewhat random succession of generically titled pages (such as “The Firm’s Difference,” “The Investment Philosophy,” etc.), each filled with disconnected sound-bite bullets that simply did not connect any dots for readers or seem to tell any kind of a clear, compelling story.

Making the Story Distinct and Memorable  

We built the key pages of the story on a dynamic 5-step description of the investment strategy:  1) Source Strategically, 2) Buy Right, 3) Structure Optimally, 4) Improve Operations, and 5) Monetize. This approach clearly demonstrated what the fund was all about in a positive, memorable way.

Building an Ongoing Relationship  

Based on the results of this project, we have been repeatedly re-engaged to work on the client’s other lines of business, as well as an expanded array of marketing materials.