JOBS Act Reality Check #2: Saying more while talking less

The "silent era" ended eighty-plus years ago, when technological advancement in film-making ushered in the age of "talkies." And things were never the same again. The actors, writers and directors who were able to adapt went on to seek stardom and those who could not...

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JOBS Act Reality Check #1: Actionable opportunity or not?

By now, everyone knows that the JOBS Act and its newly minted regulations have been heralded as game-changers—offering alternative asset managers newfound flexibility in expanding their outreach efforts. In theory, you’ll be able to advertise your offerings in the...

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Your pitch book: “Necessary evil” or profit center?

In talking to investment managers, we get the feeling that many consider their pitch book to be a necessary evil—something that they need to have, but don’t really value.  They regard it as “just another cost of doing business.” But, we also know many investment...

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